Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Forgotten

Today I woke up got my son dressed and ready for school. We got in our car and drove across town. We walk in the building and are greeted with smiles. We walk to Jack's classroom the hallway is filled with colorful murals and happy faces willing to teach my child the things that he needs to know. Teachers are smiling and are willing to teach my child even though his cognetive skills are not great. They want to teach him. So many childern are taken to instution that and are left for dead. Society says that they are not wanted and that they will never amount to anything. See the problem with this is that they never give them the chance see my little man has that chance. I am not sure what GOD will want to do with him but I know that GOD does have a plan for Jack's life. I am heartbroken that their are kids that don't have this chance. These children are taken one by one to these place where no human should go. Read Kori's story she is truely a miracle and she is a gift from GOD. Kori is blessed and highly favored in the eyes our her heavenly favored


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