Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All are precious in his sight!!

We are all precious in the eyes of GOD. We are all created in his image and we are his children. I guess my question is now is that how can so many people say that kids with special needs are not worthy of love. God created them too. If created them just like he did you and me aren't they worthy of love. I am appalled by the reactions of some of the so called Christians of the world.

How can you say this child is not worthy of love. Jay Lynn is a daughter of the king of kings. GOD gave her life so therefor she is worthy of life and love. Jay Lynn is not even a year old yet I don't want to see her suffer by going to an ADULT MENTAL INSTUTION.


This a sweet little girl who society says is not perfect be she is currently living in a intuition and has no one to care for her. 
Now this is a little girl who is also a daughter of the king of kings. I can't believe she is so mistreated she is worthy of life and love. Can you help us find these kids a families soon no child should ever endure this horrific life. These are kids living in ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTIONS this is just horrific what did she do to deserve this kind of treatment. She is need of some mommy love will you be the one to give that to her.

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