Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Precious Angels

This story begins on April 30, 2008.  This is the day we had weighted on for a long time. This was extra special day this was the day that we found out that we were pregnant with our first child. Around this time millions of miles away a little boy was conceived his mommy was probably as happy as I was. Then the world wind of doctor visits started. Then ultrasounds came we found out that we were having a boy. Then the visit came that we could be tested for abnormalities. This visit was just like any other visit but we had positive attitudes either way. This test was given to a woman millions of miles away and the outlook was not so positive that child had to be her idea of perfect (normal). That test for us didn’t matter but for her it did. The pregnancy went on to be somewhat normal and then the day came that my blessing would enter the world. At this time we just prayed and laid our son’s life in GOD’s hands. Then Jackson was here perfect in our eyes and true blessing from GOD. At this time another little boy was born his mommy was giving birth to what she thought would be the perfect child (normal child).  When our little boy was born all we could do was kiss him and love him. When this other child was born his mother saw his imperfections. She couldn’t even see his potential.  My little boy is thriving and growing.  He is the light of our world but this other little boy is sitting in a orphanage. He does not know the love of a mommy and does not get kisses just for the sake of giving kisses. This other little boy sits in an orphanage not having the care he deserves. He does not receive therapy and can’t talk to tell you what he wants. He deserves the love of a mommy and daddy. This little boys name is Eric he has so much potential and just needs some love. We are his Guardian Angels for the Reece’s Rainbow Project and we want to find him a family. Please inquire about him he just needs some love and attention. We love you Eric and are praying for your family to find you.
This is what his profile says:
Boy, born Dec 2008
Eric is a smiley little fellow who likes to feel his caretaker’s heartbeat or pulse, because it comforts him. He would be a wonderful little brother in a household of older children.
Eric has arthrogryposis and compensated hydrocephalus. He has had a surgical repair of spina bifada. Overall, he is healthy and would do well in a family without smaller children. His upper body is quite strong and he has full use of his hands, fingers and arms, but he has little control or movement in his lower limbs and they are significantly smaller than his upper body. He can squeeze very tightly with his hands, and reach a full arm’s length with no problems even though his resting position is the one you see in the pictures. He does not talk, according to the caretakers but does make sounds to communicate. Cognitively, he has significant delays due to his history of spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He is very much still an infant in many ways.

The picture in the orange shirt was taken at age 18 months, and the second picture was taken at 3 years old. He may have a sister a few years older in a different region who possibly could also be available for adoption or he could be adopted separately. She also has special needs. Eric has no money in his adoption fund we know that GOD can move mountians and we know that he has a plan for Eric.
We love you sweet boy.

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