Sunday, August 14, 2011

In Great Trials God Is There

I am writing this post in reponse to a family that is great need of your prayers. They recently found out that their daughter Constance was transfered to a instution. Now they have learned that she was transfered in June and they just have found out about it. This is the families blog

This is Terri Lynn in her baby house

This is Terri Lynn three weeks after being transfered

This is a child tied to the crib in instution. How much more will it take to make christians do what they are called to do.
My heart goes out for Constance and her family. As a mommy I can only imagine someone telling you that your child is in a place where she is not being cared for. Please pray for this situation. We all know that Constance is being held in the arms of Jesus. Please pray for GOD's  will in this situation.
To everyone starting school this week be blessed and shine the light of JESUS

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