Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rejocing( Miracle in our Midst)

I have recently reveled who our Angel Tree Princess was for this year. Her name is Melody she won my heart over with her adorable chubby little baby face. Melody reminded me so much of my little Monkey boy. Over the weekend my family moved into a new house and I woke up Monday morning feeling blessed beyond measure but then I found out that this Princess was on Reece's Rainbows My Family Found Me Page. If you ask the question what does this mean well here it is this means that this precious Princess is being adopted. Melody is blessed and highly favored. The fundraiser that I started will continue but it will go to her family sponsorship account that will go to help with her adoption.

So now we have chosen another child to be our Angel Tree Baby. I will not stop shouting for Princess Melody till she is safe at home with her family wherever they maybe. We love you Princess and pray for you and your family. May God Bless them and their journey.

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