Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Angel Tree Miracles

Well this is take 3 we are starting angel tree November 1 and it runs through December 31. For every 35 dollars donated you can recieve an ornament. We have a new little boy to raise funds for his name is Pratt. Pratt was born in April of this year that means that he is only 7 months old. Pratt has  heart condtion that needs to be addressed. Pratt would benefit very much from early intervention and therapy. Pratt will have his very first christmas by himself with no family to share this milestone. Well Prince Pratt you will have us we will by your baby's first christmas ornament and will celebrate for you. We pray for you that God will sustain you until a family comes for you.

Who wouldn't love a little boy with a paci. My monkey boy just loves his paci and his blanket. We love you baby Pratt.


  1. I just gotta say you must be doing something right if your AT babies keep winding up on MFFM! Wanna take on a few more? LOL.

    1. I would to add more kids to our angel tree royalty. Who did you have in mind.

  2. He. is. PRECIOUS! Would you be willing to share details of his heart condition, and what might be involved? Praying for him!

    Whitney Pratt