Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthdays

Birthday: The annual anniversary of the day on which a person was born. This what Webster says the meaning of birthday is. Well today is a very special birthday. Think back with me what did you do for your Sweet 16 birthday. How did you celebrate such a momentous occasion?

Today is my sister in love Sandi Byler's 16 birthday. On this day we celebrate her life, her accomplishments, her ups and her DOWNS. Sandi didn't want a big hug party all she wanted is cake and ice cream with her

We all love Sandi but life has not been easy for her. Sandi has had several surgeries in her life. On the bright side there are lot more good things that have happened than bad. Doctors said Sandi would never learn to walk, feed herself, talk or even read but yet she did. Sandi did learn to walk, talk, feed herself, and she has even learned to read. Sandi has overcome a lot in her life. Sandi Byler is a true picture of GOD's amazing love for us all. Happy Sweet 16 Sandi we love you so much you are such a blessing.

Now here is why I am telling you this there are 146 million orphans in the world( big understatement there are more now) and they each have a birthday that goes uncelebrated every year. This little girl will turn 16 this year she should get have a party to celebrate the first 16 years of her life but it is likely that without a family to call her own she will not get that. Her birthday will just be another day on the calender nothing special. She will not have any cake, ice cream and deferentially no presents. This precious angel will continue her life bedridden in a crib with bars.
This handsome young man also turn 16 this year. His birthday will not be celebrated either. He will most likely continue his life in an institution confined to a bed.

As for so many orphans these kids will probably not live much longer in an institution. Statistics show that most die within the first year of being placed in the institution due to lack of care and love. Please I beg of you to pray for what GOD would have you to do to save a precious life.

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  1. Happy late birthday to a special young lady! Thank you for advocating for the kids on RR--keep up the work and your voice!