Thursday, July 21, 2011

Therapy Day

Good Morning, Today is therapy day for Jackson.Thursdays are days we look forward to every week busy but so much fun. Jackson has the privilege of learning how to talk and to progress in every area of life. Thursdays are also a day we pray specifically for all the children that don't have the privilege of getting therapy. We have seen first hand how early intervention helps children. Right now this very second there is a child girl/boy in a orphanage crying out to be loved like only a mommy can love. Right now this very second there is a child on their way to the instution where there is very little hope of ever being adopted. My family's prayer is that there is someone right now getting the process and the paper work together to bring these children home. The reality is that most of these children that go into the instution never come out. The statistics have shown that once children reach the doors of the instution and enter, they die within the first year due to lack of care. It is ashame that a child would go without hearing that he/she is loved and wanted by God. Today is therapy day and we pray that right now every child across the world that has been orphaned knows that they are loved and wanted by someone.

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